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June 6, 2009

School Break!!

The school examination had finally over. Students walked out from the examination hall, thinking for their own agenda for the coming school break. Same as the writer, as i walked out from the hall, many things ran across my mind thinking the unexplainable. Astaghfirullah wa Subhanallah, those words suddenly came out from this sinned lips as i feared how to get thorugh this battlefield against the devils inside. I remembered some question from my friend...

He : Assalamualaikum, kaif hal ya sodiqi?

I : Waalaikumussalam! Bikhair, Alhamdulillah.

He : How's ur exam?

I : Just fine. I don't really care bout my grades (Lazy)

He : Watcha gonna do for ur school br
eak? Got anything planned?

I : (hmm....) I'm not sure. I've planned few (can't remember)

and bla, bla bla. Nice isn' it? To have friends who care about others. Maybe those words just came out from their lips not from the bottom of th
eir heart. Argh, what the hell!! All I know is Allah's there by my side, helping me to get through all of this...but it depends on how i make use of it. Think bout it by urself if u don't want to get lost from His Sabil. That's all from me. All the goods came from The Almighty and all the sinned came from me that will be improved in the future, Insya-Allah!! May Allah blessed all Muslims especially Hira's students.

Some useful tips for da school break...

got da message??
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