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March 14, 2010

Meant as Rememberance

thoughts of wonders limited by realities always comes lingering and running across my mind. Making it as a hobby which I never bored of, thinking while observing = answers....

My brain yet this precious heart had contained maybe stained wit sweet-sour memories brought up by facing real life experience and dramas. Not just me, everyone will have the same thing but I just wanna share things bout myself as for people to know me better and my thoughts. As I though at that moment, I wouldn't yet couldn't let it go as it were the hardest yet the sweetest memoirs to be let go as history of remembrance. Those memoirs recorded live right on the scene by this very eyes and brain, soon just labelled as memoirs.

Memoirs, not as some moments to be hold forever and ever, it'll occurs to anybody in a lifetime. Meant as sumthin that I should let it go away , only kept as remembrance, furthermore translating it into advices for tomorrow and the latter. Unforgettable moments with my dearest friends either sweetest or the other way around, soon must be let it go as a sumthin to be meant as remembrance. By that, it'll clear my mind so it'll be some peace of mind hopefully. It's what I planned back in times, just don't have the strength and confidence letting it go that way because it's considered as it was breaking a bond tied up in a knot which I loved very much from the bottom yet the deepest of my heart.

Hard to explain the main reasons coz yeah, I'm a typo which couldn't explain things best even a smallest and slightest matter but I'll try to fix it A.S.A.P. Maybe so, it'll help to reduce those kind of negatively respons, rumors, speculations or briefly 'fitnah' towards me or others. So this is it, a share of thoughts translated to words and texts in my blog. So best of luck to all of you guys especially PMR and SPM candidates 2010.

Assalamualaikum Warahmatullah Wabarakatuh


March 5, 2010

Vengeance Within


quite a period since i've published the last post. here's somthing to be shared maybe not much but i'll try my best givin it all.

test could be translated to many other significant meanings related to something that are meant from the user. Test is a kind of verb that are meant to measure the understanding or level of somone regarding some matters. This Imaginative yet momentarily world, every people no exceptions will be blessed with sumthing, some realized but some don't. To acquire that, test must be passed by any means, shape etc even the slightest and easiest one.

I've faced vary kinds of test that could be translated in many means. All of 'em require such patience, bravery, strengh that tested my physical, emotions, mentality to the limit but yet the hardest of all is to be 'ikhlas' on it and fight for my right defending the truth from being concealed by lies and frauds that i've faced the most this year.

To be honest, the 'hardest one' i've face meant to be the one that ache my heart really bad. Such dramas, hypocritism in front of this very eyes acted from those acted like there's never ever and ever such bad things they've caused to my life. Rumours and bloody speculations spread out especially to those particular person targeted by 'predators'. The results, I hated them which is the lowest level of IMAN for a muslim to acquire, starting that day on, I've promised myself would never and ever befriends with 'them' and always prayed during a 'spacious' time to them so that they could GO TO HELL !! until they are forgiven from the bottom of this precious heart.

To 'them', Thank You for ruining my precious life yet my dream life in that 'cave'.You turned everything upside down, spirited to unmotivated, patient to hot-tempered, love to despise, such words from you guys are bullshits !!

Phew, alas this is it. Guessed i'm not a tough person at all emotionally, logically I don't think those kind of act could be done by a person who as i watched 'followed' tarbiyah spectacularly as well as took those 'pearls' to their deepest heart accepted in that luvely yet memorable 'cave'.

Sorry for all the harsh words. any comments, misunderstanding or unsatisfied matters could be done in the chat box or in person. That's all for this post. May God Bless You Guys.

Assalamualaikum Warahmatullah Wabarakatuh.

Home, Shah Alam
Friday - 3 : 33 p.m
March 5th, 2010.
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