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January 31, 2010

New Approach...

This keyboard is driving me crazy though, today which is now, it's functioning so smoothly not like the other day, kinda driving me crazy and stressed !! well, anyway that's not what i'm gonna write today..

today's bout, well...kinda got nothing on my head though, jus wanna say, good luck to all in this whole new year 2010, forget the past, take ur time and repent the past, it's time to strive towards ur future. Make it the best, be the best from the best amongst the other no matter wut kind of thing you're involved to except if it's sumthin bad then don't do're just currupting urself duh !!

So, wut are you waiting for!? make a change towards urself dude, or if u're capable of doin it, change other sand start believing in sumthin..think for sumthin over and over again and critically especially when making some moves, widen up u're views, and lastly, then ones I hated the most, people who like or simple label on people !! don't u ever label sum people in any prospect, grielf or general views, embrace all...befriends with all...make friends and take experiences from them and try not to deny them coz they are also amongst us especially those who are muslim !!

Last but not least, to all PMR & SPM candidates 2010, wish you all the best and me also, dun play-play anymore okay? We're facing something ahead make new approach on yourselves, start believing on your capability, expand it to the unlimit coz impossible is nothing!! Now's the time to get serious...Ganbatte neh !!

          Towards Glory of 2010 !!
 ( must not least than 7a's..hopefully though )

CHANGE - We Can Believe In
- Barack Obama, President of US -
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