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October 17, 2009



hmm...nothin much just wanna talk bout the outcoming final exam (4-13 November 09)

Final exam isn't really a big deal for anyone...except for PMR's & SPM's or wut so ever (really??)..because the rules are simple and yet it's just need to STUDY SMART & STAY FOCUS & ALERT DURING CLASSES...more than that'll be helpful increasing your percentage of success.

Hmm...(thinking)..somehow I dun really care if you're that type of person/would study more than what i've stated above coz "you're not me and i'm not you"...just don't get too carried away till you have forgotten bout yourself especially your family and Allah..the most important thing to remember and be taken care of.

Maybe that's all for now...can't think wut to type more...jus make sure don't abandon the most important things that i've mentioned above...hope you all pray for the best of us & last but not least "Study Smart, Not Hard Coz Effort Without Skills Are MeaningLess" (agree?)..

forgave me for i have sinned...

"We never recover until we forgive...forgiveness does not change the past but 
it does enlarge the future"..

~ A video tribute to all students bout examinations...enjoy~ :-P

"To acquire knowledge, one must study, to acquire wisdom, one must observe"
 -Marilyn vos Savant-

October 8, 2009

CuTi-CuTi SyaWal

Bertemu lg kita dlm blog kali ini... just wanna share sumthin during this month of syawal... hope you guys are in good conditions and still under HIS blessings, Insya-Allah!

I could tell that this month asyik cuti, cuti & cuti.... like the 1st week of syawal, PMRs followed by the other 3 days of school break...hmph...

as for this, i took the advantages by going out wit frens... and for ur info, honestly i say, ramai giler buat open house... my house and ma uncle's ,adam's at KL, Shah Alam and others...abeh penuh perut diisi dgn segala jenis makanan...hahaha... nak buat camner... invitations... xkn nk tolak kot... rezeki free dari Allah... hehe~
akhir kalam, there's so many experience, sweet-sour memoirs and bonds that keep on going between me and my frends... so enjoy your short life coz it will never come again but remember, don't do stupid things/stuff...

few pics kat umah bob~..
bob's happy face

cameraman of da day!!
fuhh...arabs pon ade

  ~crazy pics!!~


~sori arr...pic kt umah len x dpt lg...mohon beribu kemaafan...bob reminds me of my big bro...*sigh*~


~final exam dh dekat but still relaxed~huhu
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