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December 31, 2009

| The Best 1 Minute...Really ? |

Date = 30th December '09

Time = after maghrib

Venue = ruang makan (home) 

 haha... it's a brilliant idea tickles my heart & how it made me realised how much bro's luv 2 dad...

i were jus sittin' there eatin wit my sis & dad..suddenly..

dad : " i was hoping for a'll be nice if luqman's here..."

me : " oh ok then...i'll text him about it " i did...but dad make it sound very very

 can't really imagine how dad could really think about this kind of idea... to test his loved ones maybe..XD

~ my text msj to him ~

seconds later he called...sounded very very worried, panicked of wut he i'd texted to him...

he ask..."btol ke? baba ok x? asl tbe? balik skrang...dah ade dpn gate
( sounded so emo ) :-p

then i replied : "tenang2..relax..abg luqman dah scroll down blom? ok2..bc dulu yg bwh uh"..

~ the text msj from me ~ ( after scroll down a bit )

a while later he called again...

he said : " asl baem buat camtu? x lawak's serious...ari tu ckp man 'mulut masin' skrang spe lak...hishh...***** laaa... !! " expected...habis sumpah seranas aku plak kne !! dad yg buat aku pulak yg kne...jus helped him 4 this idea je...that's all..:-p ~ haha ~

then my father took the phone & speaked to him & make things clear...

( ayah pon kne sumpah seranah gak.. xpe2 bro...i know how u felt...sry !! )

hehe...well..i admit..kinda brilliant idea though from my dad to test it on his son ' luqman in the middle '

p/s : Don't Try This At Home to your love ones...

kinda cruel or insane to do it onto ur love ones jus to test their love...haha

1 ) don't do this to your parents, relatives, siblings, friends etc...x berhati perut seriously !!

2 ) while your parents stil by your side, be good & plz do good deeds to them & ask forgiveness of all the sins you've caused...

كُلُّ نَفۡسٍ۬ ذَآٮِٕقَةُ ٱلۡمَوۡتِ‌ۖ ثُمَّ إِلَيۡنَا تُرۡجَعُونَ (٥٧)

57. Tiap-tiap diri (sudah tetap) akan merasai mati, kemudian kamu akan dikembalikan kepada Kami (untuk menerima balasan).

>> Wakenabeb Bro !! <<

the ' dying ' & ' red alert !! ' thing was jus agree :-p

December 17, 2009

Choices of Life


It's been a while since i've post sumthin...for this post, jus wanna share bout The Choices Of Life!

2010 jus around the corner, and i've been thinking bout,

how i wanna shape myself next year?
how to decide which path should i choose to move on my life?
how am i gonna shape, improve the perception of my life?
what about the risks that i'm dealin with?
what/who would help me to achieve my goals?

and many other things came across my mind and it's been lingering all the time..
lots and lots of things/dramas happens by the time 2009's gonna end..
 rumors make me wondering n keep thinkin' all the time...

Allah's given us such many choices of moving on with ur life...
jus depends on us whether u choose the gud one or otherwise...

Though..i've done lots and lots of mistakes n stupid stuff during my lifetime.. i front of this fascinating screen & realizing that i'm stil livin for a short period..
and to be ensured that I devoted and enslaved myself only to Him...
dat had given us chances to shape our life each time we breath, n even after woken up every single day...
to fix ourselves n mistakes towards others...

i've seen many choices of them...sum made the best choices in their lives & sum jus decided to follow the flow of revolution & modernisation of this era to keep on livin & forget bout the existence of law of boundarisms n limitations..

My fren jus once tell me, "ppl keep saying u're this, and this and that...they hate it so much...make a change Ibrahim, for the choices is in ur hands"...

I'm the type of guy who doesn't care of wut ppl say bout wut I am...i jus love wut I am...
but when it comes to where there's so much hatred to it...i've jus got to make the choice...
Ignore it or make a change...

so...I hope to any readers of this blog...Think, Think and Think wisely, logically and critically of wut  choices of life you're dealing with...Be aware N cautious..
for it could either destroy ur life in a split second or bring happiness n joy in the future....
make a choice, live to the fullest or die in vain!!

That's all for now...May Allah Bless Us Always 

" Dan apabila hamba-hambaKu bertanya kepadamu mengenai Aku maka (beritahu kepada mereka): Sesungguhnya Aku (Allah) sentiasa hampir (kepada mereka); Aku perkenankan permohonan orang Yang berdoa apabila ia berdoa kepadaKu. maka hendaklah mereka menyahut seruanku (dengan mematuhi perintahKu), dan hendaklah mereka beriman kepadaKu supaya mereka menjadi baik serta betul"

Al-Baqarah : 186

Hopefully & Always....

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