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July 3, 2010

Forgive No Grudge

 forgive and forget no grudge

Peace Be Upon You ! ~

This gloomy night, suddenly 'this' crossed my mind althought it had been planned before, but for this i hope so, could be the one i've been looking forward to. For these past month, i've been looking forward on posting, but i just couldnt come up with just went blank all the the time.

Yet we already knew that everyday we'll be facing things, any sort of things, incident, task etc. Recently, just couple of days back, i've just went through such a tremendous, hillarious, exciting, horrifying incident ever in my life...what could i say more, "sweet-sour memoirs during periodic of PMR's". It occurs unexpectedly, amazingly i didn't panicked at all, for the first moment i was engulfed with anger, but after that I just laugh to the outmost coz first of all to forget pain, revenge, anger etc and i was just like "oh God ! is this for real !?".

But it really gave a perfectly nice scar & pain to my ass after the butt-scissor thing and thankfully i'm stil alive, no severe or internal injury perhaps, just a minor one with a clean cut that's all. The 'yahoos' who did it, for the first time I saw his entire panicked-pale pace, that's the very first hillarious thing at that moment. The school require for the full-scale testifies or report from the both of us just for further actions, for me i'll just have to sit back and relax while waiting for this madness to settle down but for him, OMG ! haha, serves him right  he'll be facing with lots of reports lodged by the school, me and perhaps both of our parents. walao ! poor him but it'll be his lesson don't be a total 'yahoo' and make stupid yet awful jokes amongs his friends in future. Supposedly it must be like "you give shit, i shit you back" but for this, it's like "you give shit, you are doomed"..

By this, i need to remark that " Forgiveness Is Better Than To Curse A Vendetta" moreoever to a person like him; clearly people known him much perhaps, could be categorised as 'yahoos'. To me seriously, a person like him aren't valuable enough for me to curse a vendetta, to hold a grudge onto, to be scolded because as I said, he's the 'yahoos'. People for me valuable enough to curse is those who were already equipped @ adapted with much and much knowledge in those complicated brain because people like them could think with much more wider and further views of the consequences of that stupidy of course and perhaps, it wouldn't or maybe never ever cross yet lingers in their thoughts to play in that role. Fuhh ~

I always been reminded that better to forgive than to grudge and give him/her chance to change and repent of his/her wrongdoings as what some of my friends and most importantly myself, knew that i'm a type of person that keep or hold a grudge to people who create problems with @ for me. Because why? it's what the nature of God, His grace is far ahead than His wrath. Also, this kind of forgiving had been written in history, that it's his, Rasulullah S.A.W personality to forgive than to curse.

That's all perhaps, last but not least, please open up your views don't put up your stupid scales on the writer coz I am the condemned or roughly naughty as what all of you (friends) could see. Be bold in any matters just to be prepared for any circumstances or anything that will occur. Take lessons from anything, for it could change your entire life hopefully. Insya-Allah. May Allah Bless You.

until we meet again, until death do part us apart
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