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October 17, 2010

A Stand...

I never get it, why they keep on going non-stop creating nonsense anywhere they wishes. Well, what could I say more than it's human nature, there's some just sit and be nice and the other one always in mischief, can't sit tight be more ethical and creating havoc almost all the time. It made me sick of it, as I had enough of getting through it all the time either at home or school. I'm just sick of it.

So back years before, I swore to myself that I'll try getting along, understand those features naturally adapted inside each existing personal traits. It requires me much observation and mostly most of the times to study this thing. Well, honestly I think that studying this kind of thing is actually fun so I took an occupation as my interest when I grew up. To observe really give me back a profitable understandings to me, so I continued until now.

But, as I expected nobody would give a damn to this sort of workout, a waste of time. It's better for them just forget it and move on enjoying their boring life. Why !? Lack of understanding the traits and temperaments of course. My parents always told me, be good and understand each other. I never understand until now as I was told the period which I was still young to understand what did those statements really meant.

So now I did, I enjoy myself occupied by it and I'll keep on going to matter what until I've perfected it. Because I knew myself, when I truly understand temperaments of others, I could figure out their life pattern, rhythms, likes and dislike etc or simply, their traits. By that, it helps me getting along with them without being unpleasant. but sometimes, I tend to reverse things up, just to understand more, we need to varies up our ways, creativity always been helpful though as it gives me valuable insights.

As I've figured out much, I tend to help couple of my friends accepting my insights,  but it didn't work out because of some certain reasons. Then I knew, it's just some people won't get it that understandings of between really is compulsory for us. but what can i do more, I tried so but it didn't work out well so let it be as it does, and I'll just move on and keep on expanding and improving as much as I could as by that time I truly understood the statement expect the unexpected.

But, sorry to say this interest really is consuming myself, driving me insane every second. As I understand more, I get more frustrated... why on earth those assholes can't understand ? simple especially for them who officially studied in an territory for years where it's good enough to obtain such understandings. Then, there came what I called karma which struck me for these past 2 months, giving me much tense or more precise, mental disorder. I almost attempted killing myself, but I knew myself it'll drag me straight to hellfire. So I ordered myself to be at ease in any perspective ways, so I won't explode as I'm already  engulfed by boiling points. Else-more, it's not really the main cause of it, got others concealed beneath as it's personal for me to be shared to others.

Even-though so, I won't draw a white flag and I'll take a stand for what's right for me and the sake of others as I believe a law which is proven already either by him or Islamic Laws. Profit, Asset, Alibi and Liability is everything.
" What goes around, 
comes all the way back around "

Salam Alayk.
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