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January 18, 2011

Comprehensible Perhaps

Sometimes, something beautiful happen in this world but some certain things or matters aren't meant to say still in consistency. Undeniably consistency is the best way to maintain the balance of two parties. Just to keep things not so overrated. But when it comes to disagreement from either or not nor, maybe enhancement or disarming the consistency would be the best option to keep things on balance.

Presenting something to a whole new level, i mean an enhancement would be likely believed as the best option to acquire success. Transformation is the best part. That's where creativity takes in charge changing everything either better or worse. This is where balance currencies play its role here as to maintain the vigorous spirit in control. If it doesn't, when overrate takes over, you are doomed and bound to acquire success. You'll drop and condemned without honour. about presenting, when you did especially a whole new different kind of idea, people will expect something from you much especially the superiors. so be aware, of the choices and decisions you made. Think twice. Think Big in all matters and issues, because nothing is mere even the slightest stupidest one.

When you passed all of them, especially the presenting part. That's where the part of 'no turning back' plays its role. you shouldn't put your grieves on it, leaving the loved ones behind or maybe perhaps in the future things don't work out according to your expectations as it's beyond your limits. So please, reconsider everything, whenever you are, what you do, saw, think, speak, just everything as I believe it's comprehensible perhaps or maybe it's within compulsory.

Enough of this. New year, whole new agenda. so, good luck on whatever you're up to, make sure it's within the blessings of everyone, especially parents and Allah's. May Allah bless you all, bittaufiq wannajah !

you can't hope the benefits of the other party as the actual interest comes from yourself. so think big, think twice, think outside the box. do your part. Insyaallah, the magic would work. oYeah !

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