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March 15, 2011


I know that I don’t want to hate you. But you’re just too much, overrated. You crossed the line, act beyond what’s bounded, and exceeding limitations. Imagine you’re out there in the public, where people doing things as much as everyone else did. Then all of a sudden, you notice there’s someone doing things different than the others. People laugh, he’s all gloomy. People walk in strafe, he’s walking in a petty pace.  Other’s applying good deeds, while on the other hand he’s causing bad omens. People hate being pathetic, while he’s simply driving himself to it. It doesn’t make any sense, why won’t you just simply do things according to other people’s rhythm? You’re against the nature.
 Please, don’t be such a jerk. What’s the point of exaggerating even though you don’t, won’t or even clearly never get what you wished for? Come on, it’s common sense. Get justified, don’t mess around. You’re wasting your precious time for something that’s impossible. You keep on doing it on and on repeatedly and continuously knowing that it’s very annoying to do so.  You know it’s wrong to be so, but why still? Because you’re so optimist of the outcome you wished for. You imagined that, dreaming it would work according to your way, “this would be just like this according to my way!”. Then you get euphoria like you’re having mental disturbance or somehow. Even though every single human around you up against it, the thing that drives you to act so would never ever be within your grasp but still stubbornness and optimism deafened you to accept the reality.
Think twice before you do, think big. Think what’s best, what’s the neutrality of nature is. You’re in an atmosphere, a scene or in specific occasion where people work things out that way under one administration. So be it, don’t be so ridiculous not to do so. People know that not all people own the same behavior or personality traits, but that’s just what nature is. Whether you like it or not, you are obliged to obey. You want to survive? Be a law abiding citizen. Remember this, what goes around will comes all the way back around.
Simplifying, open your eyes and ears of the hearings. Learn to face the reality; you can’t own everything that you wished for. And it’s true if you want something you wished for, then strive for it. But everything has their own limits, if you’re stubborn enough still having the urge to go for it, then go but don’t regret or depressed later on. Plus, don’t blame others for something they didn’t commit when the source of the pain comes from you yourself.  Last but not least, get smart, act smart and think smart whatever, whenever and wherever you are. 
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